Oneline Boutique Authenticity Guarantee helps buyers shop for luxury items with confidence, while protecting sellers thru Entrupy.

Entrupy provides a full protection to our customers offering the Entrupy Financial Guarantee for every item they certify as Authentic, applies to the certificate holder.

Q: Who does the Entrupy Financial Guarantee protect?

A: Directly, it applies to the certificate holder, which means the person that conducted the authentication and generated the certificate. If the certificate holder sells the item and their buyer proves the item is not authentic, the buyer should seek a refund from the seller/certificate holder, who will be protected by the guarantee

Q: How long is the guarantee in place?

A: Entrupy’s certification is valid for one year. Items can be recertified at any time. 

Q: How do I know the certificate belongs with a particular item? 

A: Entrupy Verified businesses are bound by our terms of service, which prohibits any sort of certificate tampering or misrepresentation. If you still have questions, you can take your item to an Entrupy Verified Business to have it fingerprinted. This process will tell us if the item in your possession is, in fact, exactly the same one that the certificate represents.

Q: How do I know if a certificate is valid? 

A: You can check the validity of your certificate online here. You can also check out our helpful blog post that explains authenticating an authentication.  

Q: I read online that Entrupy isn’t accurate. How can I be sure you’re right? 

A: Our accuracy rate is near 100%. Our technology “sees” things the human eye can’t and it compares those things against millions of records from known authentic and known fake items. There is absolutely no way a manual inspection can compare. Still, we want you and your customers to have full 100% confidence in our results. That’s why we back them up with a full, one-year financial guarantee. 

Q: My customer says a certified item I sold them is fake. What do I do? 

A: We advise you take the item back for a full refund and then proceed with our dispute process. Should our evaluation return an “unidentified” result, we will cover your loss. If the item proves to be authentic, we will return it to you. 

Q: I need to dispute Entrupy’s results. How do I do this and how long will it take to get my money back?

A: You can read the full details of our dispute process here. In short, you start the process in the Entrupy app, where you’ll be asked to complete a form and provide documentation. We’ll let you know financial details upfront – both the amount you’ll get back if we find our results were incorrect or the fee for the dispute should our original certification stand. 

Our team will let you know if your claim has been provisionally accepted or if further information is required within one week. 

Once the Financial Guarantee Application Form has been provisionally accepted, we will supply you with a shipping label so you can send the item to us for re-authentication. Depending on the claim value, we may enlist one or more reputable, independent experts in addition to our internal process. 

If the Dispute confirms that Entrupy had correctly assessed the item as Authentic, you will be charged the dispute fee that was previously disclosed and we will ship the item back to you. 

If the Dispute confirms that Entrupy had incorrectly assessed the item as Authentic, Entrupy will issue the Financial Guarantee Payment to you and retain possession of the item to ensure it does not re-enter the market.